Caterina Rancho

Discovering Schlicht, An Alternative Farmhouse in Bavaria

Off the beaten track in a rural community in Bavaria is an alternative farmhouse called Schlicht, which was long-ago extended into a home for several families who now run the farm like a community garden. Together they do the gardening work, milk the goats to produce cheese and yogurt, and gather eggs from the chicken shed.

As several people who participate in Schlicht also work in the creative scene (on site there’s a goldsmith, a painter, a few musicians, a hat designer, etc) the place is beautifully designed– a total work of art in it’s own right.

While the farm itself is pristine and verdant, the prime real estate is reserved for guests: in the middle of the huge garden is an old chapel that the inhabitants of Schlicht have equipped as a guest room. The double bed is as broad as the chapel itself, and each of the two people sleeping inside has his own window, which reveals a beautiful view onto the garden. On a recent trip to Bavaria, Garden Collage contributor Catarina Rancho captured some impressions of this alternative gardening space, which you can view in the gallery, below.

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