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Stuff We’re Digging: Andreana Bitsis

Stuff We’re Digging is a recurring Garden Collage feature where a member of our staff spotlights a collection of intriguing new products from the world of gardening, wellness, mindfulness, and/or beauty. Some of these items can be found in the GC Shop, while others are simply beautiful discoveries worth coveting. This week, GC Photo Editor Andreana Bitsis spotlights her can’t-miss floral products for everything from glowing, healthy skin to fun and fabulous interior design elements.


Growing up I was pretty blessed with low-maintenance skin. Several girls in school used to ask me what my skincare regiment was like, and I never had an answer for them because I didn’t know the first thing about it. I think I started caring about skin care just in time, because as we all know, the magic of youth doesn’t last forever and everybody’s skin is different. My “magic” combination of Be The Skin’s Botanical Toner directly followed by Erin’s Faces Rose Quench Serum is perfection for me. Both of them smell amazing and leave your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s almost instantly. And while I’m on the topic of beauty: Laura Mercier’s Fresh Fig Body Scrub was first given to me as a Christmas present. It wasn’t until I actually used it that I developed a true appreciation for scrubs. My skin felt unreal. It was like a reset.

My love of everything floral extends to perfume and candles. Jo Malone’s Red Roses Cologne is super subtle, lasts all day, and has become my go-to scent. As a child who was deathly afraid of fire and spastically blew out any candle I saw, I find it ironic that I now have an entire drawer of new candles just waiting to be burned. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Geranium candle is one of my favorite long-lasting scents. Although I’m still terrified of a potential house fire, I somehow find candles to be relaxing. In fact, one of my favorite ways to decompress after a long day at work involves candles, a good movie, and coloring. Johanna Basford’s “Secret Garden” coloring book is one of my favorites among the many I own, bringing me right back to my Art School days.

There are three noticeable addictions that I’ve picked up in actual adulthood. The first is a coffee addiction. Luckily it’s one that I can embrace in style with the Yield Design’s French Press in white. Even if I didn’t drink coffee I would probably still have it sitting on my countertop. It’s minimal design is pure and utter perfection, and it makes a good coffee. I’ve also become addicted to my blender, a generous and fancy gift from my mother in an attempt to get me to ingest more fruits and veggies. I’m happy to say she won that battle. Smoothies are the best and there’s no better book for healthy recipes than Green Kitchen Smoothies. First, because the recipes are quick, easy and delicious. Second, the imagery is incredible, and as a photographer I could just look at it all day.

My last and most important recent addiction is my plants. In college I couldn’t keep anything alive, and since I hate feeling inadequate at anything, I figured I’d walk away from the battle before I lost it. A little over a year ago I decided that since I finally had an apartment with actual window light, I would give being a plant mom one last try. I’m happy to say I’ve morphed into a plant lady. I now have 13 house plants and they’re all named. Someone once told me that naming your plants is a fun and subtle way of reminding yourself that they are alive and need care, just like people do. So naturally I felt it reasonable to name the four cacti hanging out on my kitchen window after The Golden Girls. My most recent purchase was a cateracterum palm tree, easily the biggest living thing in my place. Being a big fan of both copper and Yield Design, there is no better home than the Spun Copper Planter for Eduardo. Yes, Eduardo is his name– and he’s fabulous.

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