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Welcome to Garden Collage and thank you for visiting our site!

We’re excited to introduce a new kind of lifestyle gardening publication—a place where you’ll find stories about the beauty and value of gardens, the slow food movement, plant-based products, nature-based skincare, environmental policy, DIY projects, travel journals, and other interesting takes on the new role that gardening plays in our modern lifestyle.

Californian-cum-New Yorker Daisy Helman founded Garden Collage as a way to explore the ever-changing role of the contemporary garden. Accordingly, the website curates interesting profiles, video, and other creative content on a variety of ideas that relate to the garden— an ever-changing way of presenting information while sharing various perspectives from a global community of gardeners.

A Note From Our Founder

An old friend who has deep roots in the agricultural world once told me that gardeners get their information first from each other, then at the nursery, and finally from books. After many years of gardening I’ve come to realize he was right. I’ve never met a gardener who was unwilling to answer a question about their craft or offer advice to someone who needed it. Once, I asked a gardener in Kyoto where I could buy the boots he was wearing and he literally climbed out of the tree he was working in and personally took me to the hardware store where I could buy them.

Later, in Tibet, a farmer I encountered went out into his field to cut a squash and bring it back to the living room so that he could show me a specific variety because he did not know the name. Closer to home, gardeners are just as accommodating: every time I go to the nursery I get a little tidbit of useful information – sometimes it’s as simple as discovering a new variety or getting advice on how to deal with the deer problem—it varies, but there’s always something.

Gardening, moreover, is a community. A community of people who love plants, trees, nature… we walk similar yet different paths. Our definition of and involvement in the garden may be as diverse as we are, but we all assemble under the same green canopy—this idea that there is value in watering a living thing. Garden Collage invites you to join us in today’s modern gardening community, a place to share thoughts, insights, opinions, and musings about our new gardening world.

I want to dedicate this site to three women who truly inspired my love of gardening. Two are named Elizabeth – the first, my mother, an in-the-dirt kind of gardener who has never been afraid to let nature be as it is. The other, my dearest late friend Elizabeth Terry, who had a wonderful appreciation of gardens but never once put a finger to a trowel. Finally, I want to thank Judith Woodfin, who taught me that it’s possible to do anything if you work hard enough for it. All are amazing women who continue to inspire me to this day.

Keep digging,


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