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Daisy’s Tips: A Quick Look at Tali Yaacobi Event Productions

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the grand daddy of event planners in Israel– Tali Yaacobi and Ofer Gover– who are masters at making beautiful, bespoke events come alive for a chic and glamorous crowd. The venues that Tali Yaacobi Event Productions gets to transform are incredible– the desert, the beach, mountain regions, the countryside. Each looks locale is more amazing than the next, and the parties that they attract are beyond compare; I cannot image anything more magical than a candlelit dinner in the desert followed by dancing and fireworks.

Part of Ofer and Tali’s allure comes from their talent and mystique. They don’t publish or advertise, but their clients are a roster of diverse international people whose ideas come to life when entrusted in their capable hands. I’m particularly inspired by the naturalistic and garden-focused events they’ve put on over the years, ranging from gorgeous floral canopies to decadent beachfront dinners. While their home base is in Israel, they have an impressive roster of international clients whose dreams they manifest in the course of about 40 parties per season.

I cannot image anything more magical than a candlelit dinner in the desert followed by dancing and fireworks.

Weather, of course, is also a huge game changer for planning parties in Israel– one can count on zero rain between the months of May and October, which opens up a lot of options when it comes to outdoor seating and lighting (which, along with music, are two very important aspects of their work). It might go without saying, but everything is bespoke, as Tali (the idea generator) aims to give her clients something more than just a beautifully-decorated space, but rather, an experience or memory that feels “magical”– each event is a work of art.

In celebration of the wonder and awe these works inspire, we’ve curated some insider images from Tali Yaacobi’s most amazing naturalistic party concepts. Her production company has been through every fad, from overblown floral displays to the cactus craze that is just now hitting America to food trucks, and today they suggest that the “Brooklyn hipster” and “schani/asian fusion” themes are currently trending. As long as they continue to keep these environmental factors in towe, we’re confident that their next round of parties will be even more amazing than the last. Check out a selection of the company’s amazing work, below.

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