Events We Love: How to Deal with Climate Change in Your Own Backyard (Literally)

If you’re feeling disempowered by all the various injustices the environment is facing of late, get the pitchforks.

No, really.

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On Sunday, September 10, environmental horticulturist Kim Eierman will be leading a session at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on how to use landscaping to not only improve environmental health, but to survive the shifting temperatures associated with Climate Change. The workshop, “Dealing With Climate Change In Your Landscape,” was announced shortly after Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement.

“With the federal government backing out of the Paris climate accord, it’s up to American cities, states, companies and individuals to help fight climate change. There are 125 million households in the U.S. that can join the battle, fighting climate change at home. Americans might not be aware of it, but there are many small measures they can take in their own yards towards this goal,” said Eierman. “For example, the simple act of planting a shade tree has tremendous ecological benefits that most people are not aware of.  I want to show homeowners and landscape professionals how they can take simple steps in any landscape to reduce the impacts of climate change and help slow– and ideally even reverse– the pace of global warming.”

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is located at 990 Washington Ave in Brooklyn. To RSVP, visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s website.

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