Andreana Bitsis

Celebrate “Earth Hour” the GC Way: In Style

At approximately 8 PM tonight, March 19th, environmentally-conscious citizens around the world will participate in what is known as “Earth Hour”– an hour where a huge swath of the global population pledges to turn off their lights to save energy. As with most environmental awareness initiatives, we wanted to show our support and to do so in our own way, so, we styled a candlelit table and will be choosing to celebrate Earth Hour over a candlelit dinner with friends. We encourage you to do the same!

Turning what could otherwise be construed as a limitation–e.g., a lack of electricity– into a celebration is a positive way to address the nascent environmental issues of our time. We are choosing to celebrate the very touching strides that people around the world are making to help improve the massive garden that supports us all. Part of the way we wanted to contribute was to support a company that is doing noble work– for both women and the environment– so we styled our table with Prosperity Candles, whose proceeds go towards creating opportunities for the many female refugees building a brighter future in the U.S. (while also supporting women’s entrepreneurship around the world). We encourage you to do something equally intentional, and to style a table that reflects the beauty of this movement.

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Remember: The time to turn off your lights tonight, March 19th, is 8 PM !

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