New Wind Turbines Are Changing The Energy Game

While the United States has been the focus of the energy crisis of late, globally, the energy crisis continues to mount. The latest installment has been in Kerala, a state in the south of India, where the Chief Minister gave his public support for a hydro electric project that would destroy the Athirappilly waterfalls, which are the largest natural waterfalls in the state. The showdown in Kerala speaks to the larger tension occurring throughout India between environmental protection and industrial development (many parts of India are still without electricity).

Arun and Anoop George, a pair of siblings from Kerala, however, may just have a game changer. The two have developed a low cost wind turbine, which comes in with a cost of $750, is about ceiling-fan sized, and can purportedly generate electricity for a home for a lifetime. Their startup, Avant Garde Innovations, is hoping to launch the small wind turbine by the second quarter of 2017– though already they’ve garnered numerous awards and recognitions for their work. According to their site, their mission is to “enable 100% clean and affordable energy for all. The collective challenge before our world is to power over a billion people who are currently underserved.”

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To learn more about Avant Garde Innovations, visit their website

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