More Tesla Charging Stations Are On Their Way

These days, there is very little in the way of good news when it comes to the environment.

One ray of optimism, however, has the imminent release of the Tesla Model 3, which is being marketed as an affordable electric car option. Yet even this good news is not immune to cynicism: in an almost class war-esque dilemma, owners of the Model S have been worried about what will happen to the Tesla Supercharger network (the gas station equivalent for electric cars).

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Fortunately, those fears need not take root. As Treehugger reports:

Tesla just made a major announcement that should go a long way toward calming these fears: It’s going to double its global network of just over 5,000 superchargers to 10,000 by the end of the year. In the United States, the increase is going to be an even more dramatic 150%. And to lessen demand on each supercharger site, the company is also going to invest in adding 6,000 more sites to its existing network of 9,000 Destination Chargers—slower charging locations located at hotels, restaurants and shopping centers that still allow drivers a significant charge when stopping for longer breaks. Add to this the fact that public charging stations are increasing in many locations, and I suspect that fears of the network being overwhelmed are somewhat exaggerated. (Business Green reports, for example, that Transport for London is spending £18m on fast charging around the city, while Saville, a major operator of shopping centers around the UK is investing heavily in public charging. Such developments are not isolated to the UK.)”

Read the rest of the article on Treehugger.

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