Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

10 CBD Oil Products That Are Reimagining Cannabis

From tampons to bath bombs to lip gloss, CBD oil is EVERYWHERE in 2018.

CBD oil is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant that has been shown to reduce anxiety, help with insomnia, quell inflammation, and more.

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil can also reverse neurological diseases and shrink tumors— and with a mounting public awareness of its calming, balancing, and anti-inflammatory benefits, the beauty industry and health world have responded by producing a series of increasingly trendy products that use CBD oil in new, innovative ways.

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The benefits of CBD oil can be experienced when taken orally, sublingually, through inhalation, and topically. (Unless otherwise stated, CBD products do not typically contain tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC– the oil component of marijuana that gets you high.)

Below, we spotlight 10 editor-approved cannabis products that are reconceptualizing CBD oil– and incorporating it in creative, exciting ways.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

Vertly CBD-Infused Lip Balm

Vertly’s CBD-infused lip balm is made using ethically-sourced, organic ingredients like kokum seed butter, beeswax, and cannabis sativa seed (hemp) oil, which is an excellent moisturizer. It’s also rich in the antioxidants omega 3 and omega 6, which help remedy sun damage, and glides on smooth for a soft, natural finish.

For those wary of diving straight into supplemental CBD or intense topical treatments, this balm is a great way to slowly and subtly introduce the product to your skin– especially if you, like us, also use lip balm to soften your cuticles at night. (One product can always do double duty, after all.)

Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Patch and Elite Compound

Mary’s Nutritionals is reinventing IcyHot and Biofreeze for a new generation. The company’s anti-inflammatory topical pain management salve and healing patches function much the same way as IcyHot, without the harsh chemicals.

Powered by 100 mg Cannabidoil Complex, it can be rubbed onto any strains, sprains, or tension points to reduce aches, swelling, and pain.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

Chewing gum increasing the bioavailability of CBD, and Endoca’s CBD gum is made with chicle gum ethically sourced from the rainforest and sunflower lechitin that supports brain function. Flavored with wild peppermint and mint essential oils, each piece of gum contains 15 mg of CBD oil which helps relax and calm the chewer.

Most importantly, the gum is biodegradable (according to several studies, chewing gum is the world’s second most common form of litter after cigarette butts) and is perfect for first time CBD users who may dislike the taste of CBD oil but still want to experience its health benefits.

Plus, chewing gum is a more passive experience than taking a supplement, and the potency of all Endoca extracts are tested by a third party laboratory.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

Ugly by Nature Raw Whipped Canna Mint Toothpaste

Charcoal has been something of a rage in the natural toothpaste scene for a few years now, but Ugly by Nature’s Raw Whipped CannaMint Toothpaste pairs it with organic hemp-derived CBD oil for an experience that keeps your mouth clean and your sink dirty.

This fluoride-free toothpaste is also free of artificial colors, foaming agents, stabilizers, thickening agents, parabens, artificial sweeteners (a pernicious undesirable that shows up in more toothpastes than you might think!) and GMOs.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

Made From Dirt Sleep Balm

Made From Dirt Sleep Balm is a great gentle aid to calm a racing, anxious mind at night. Formulated with 100 mg of CBD, this chamomile, cedarwood, and lavender salve can be applied to the wrists, on the temples, and under the nose for maximum results.

Made From Dirt also offers a Peppermint Salve for Pain, a Stretch Mark Salve, and Sunflower Salve to soothe broken, damaged, or aging skin. (Sunflowers are known to have anti-inflammatory properties along with a host of other environmental benefits.)

Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

CBD Living Water (and Sleep Aid)

CBD Living Water is a pH neutral bottled water infused with nano particles of CBD to maximize absorption. According to the brand, nano sizing the CBD into water clusters makes it more bioavailable and easier for our cells to process, which can help nourish cells, the heart, the immune system, and the nervous system.

For added benefit, they add d-Ribase (which improves exercise performance by boosting muscular energy), electrolytes K+ and MG2+, Methyl B12, and Coenzyme Q10. The brand also makes a Sleep Aid tonic (like cough syrup for sleep) in cherry and grape flavors (CBD helps calm anxiety and quell racing thoughts, which can both keep people up at night).

Half Lit’s Moon Lozenges

Half Lit’s mini moon shaped lozenges come in an array of delicious flavors, including: Lunar Lavender, Hot Mama Mango, Lit Lemonade, Watermelon Wonderland, Calming Caramel Açaí, and Pineapple Paradise.

Each lozenge contains 25 MG of CBD, which is said to be the best daily dose for millennial women. Plus: the colors are beautiful and we love that this brand is free of artificial colors and chemicals (something you really have to watch out for in all colorful candy– medicinal or otherwise).

Image via Foria

Foria’s (Now Infamous) “Weed” Tampons

I know– crazy, right? Foria’s patented “weed” tampons are enhanced with THC and CBD to help relieve muscle pain and other tension-related period problems. Because THC is a topical pain reliever, these tampons will not get you high, but they will provide instant, direct-to-the-source cramp relief and muscle relaxation.

Foria is currently only available to California residents with a valid physician’s recommendation letter, and you must become a member of the brand’s medical marijuana group, “The Aphrodite Collective,” to purchase them. Sound complicated?

Don’t worry– with legislation surrounding the accessibility of medical marijuana moving at a rapid pace, we’re sure these tampons will be more widely available in no time. (Or, you can have your friends in California buy them for you… but you didn’t hear that from us.)

Image via Kush Queen Bath Bombs

Kush Queens’ Bath Bombs

Despite the somewhat salacious name, Kush Queens‘ amazing bath bombs are both aesthetically intriguing and they perform like a high-end luxury product, with cool, clinical-looking packaging that produces a gorgeous, colorful bath.

Different bath bombs serve different purposes– the green one is for pain, the blue one is for relaxation, and the purple one is for sleep, for example– and each are formulated with 100% Organic essential oil blends, lab-tested C02 cannabis oil, and CBD isolate.

Kush Queen Sleep bath bombs are all blended with a gorgeous variety of botanics, like organic citrus reticulata, origanum majorana, and lavender essential oils (the ‘Sleep’ bomb) and lavender, chamomile, and frankincense essential oils blended for mood enhancement (the ‘Relax’ bomb).

While the colors are bold an delightful, the brand doesn’t use any artificial dyes or preservatives– the coloring is food grade, so it will never stain your tub and is safe for absorption. Wins all around, y’all.

Read more about the health benefits of CBD oil here. 


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