Blue Vervain is a Knockout for Nervous Energy

Blue vervain (Verbena hastata, otherwise known as American vervain or swamp verbena) is a flowering plant that occurs in abundance across North America– and it also just so happens to have a calming effect on the nervous system when taken as a tea or tincture.

In addition to its stress-busting properties, vervain has been used by extension to treat pain, muscular tension, insomnia, depression, and headaches caused by adrenal overload.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties, vervain tea is used to treat coughs, fevers, cramps, jaundice, acne, ulcers, cuts, digestive issues, respiratory disorders, and blue vervain can be specifically distilled into a nerve tonic that can be taken in small quantities– about 1 drop every three hours or as symptoms of stress and anxiety present themselves (be sure to take it slow with ingestible tinctures, as too much can cause digestive upset). We prefer this over the tea, which has a flavor that is… not our favorite.

As a plant, Blue vervain is easy to grow as it is a hardy plant that requires little maintenance; with its bright purple-blueish tuft, blue vervain is also very good for attracting bees and other pollinators to a garden. Plant seeds in sunny, well-drained soil and harvest the above-ground parts before the plant flowers for use in making tea. Stress remedies that we can grow ourselves? We thought you’d never ask.

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