Beatrice Helman

A Brooklyn Girl’s Guide to Sunday: An Abbreviated Reading List

Going back to graduate school after a few post-grad years spent working presents one with the strange complex of being a student again. Which is great, because I’ve felt like a student for the past two years anyways, so it feels good that my backpack and I are officially one again. The best part about grad school, though, is that its now officially my job to read, read, read! I also just moved in with two other readers, so our bookshelves are popping.

Lately I’ve been rereading Hamburger, by the late Josh Ozersky, whose writing I always followed and adored as an undergrad. I’ve read seventy-five percent of Amy Schumer’s book and I can already recommend it because it’s expectedly hilarious– everyone should read it. I’ve also been loving You’ll Grow Out of It by Jesse Klein, a collection of real-life stories by a real-life modern woman, and Quintana and Friends, by John Gregory Dunne, which I dug up after re-reading Joan Didion’s incredible The Year of Magical Thinking— another classic worth reading if you haven’t already. Finally, because I’m a “story” kind of girl, Intimations by Alexandra Kleeman is where it’s at; the ebullience of the cover along is enough to make me love it. Each of these books are well-suited to subway reading or stopping at a bench in your neighborhood. Reading and spending time in the garden go hand in hand in this age of omnipresent technology– both are completive experiences, and with the right imagination, anything is possible.

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