Beatrice Helman

Brooklyn Girl’s Guide to Sunday: Saying Goodbye to Summer

It’s starting to feel like Fall, which is a bittersweet change for me. I’ve always been a Sun Worshipper, but when my flip switches it switches, and I go from long days sleeping in the sun to staring at my sweaters like they have all the answers. There are still definitely a few hot days left in the season, but there’s also this really tiny shift in the air, like the humidity of summer is giving way to the fresh clip of Fall. I’m the kind of person who still operates on “the school year” calendar– Fall is the one time I like to throw things out and start over. Goodbye, socks from high school, goodbye magazines from 2006. Hello new beginnings, hello new notebook, hello new jar of peanut butter. It’s time to make space. You never know what you could find to fill it.

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