Events We Love This Week: Restival

Restival, a new relaxation-focused festival that takes place from September 12th-17th, 2016, is the latest event to emerge around the idea of “reconnection”– a festival dedicated to reconnecting to nature, ourselves, and each other.

The inaugural Restival will be held this fall in Arizona, and will feature yoga, meditation, rare Navajo ceremonies, and much, much more. Says the event website:

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“To make time for yourself and to disconnect from the humdrum of what we call ‘real life’ is a lovely sentiment, but as empowering and attractive it might sound, we too often excuse ourselves from doing so. Putting yourself in an entirely new context can help you unlock the impossible, and help you disconnect from stress inducers such as your smartphone and the rush hour long after Restival is over.

But we aren’t about the fluff. It’s just the clouds that are fluffy. It’s not a digital detox that will be undone within two days of returning home. We want you to connect with the core human capabilities that make us truly happy, successful, complex, healthy beings and discover a hidden world. The most priceless souvenirs you’ll ever take home with you. Real, tangibile, useful tools. Restival is your ticket to stand still and listen to the earth… via a few Navajo helpers in a breathtakingly majestic, natural setting.”

“If you want to see what your body looks like tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.” —Navajo Proverb

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