Events We Love: Spring Clearing With Hypnosis and Sacred Geometry Acupuncture

Carolyn Barron of Botanarchy Herbs & Acupuncture and integrative hypnotist Morgan Yakus will be hosting a Spring Clearing and Manifestation Workshop with Hypnosis and Sacred Geometry Acupuncture this Sunday, March 26 from 4 to 6 PM at WMN Space in Culver City (10764 Washington Boulevard).

The two-hour workshop will offer deep active meditation and sacred geometry acupuncture (an esoteric acupuncture pattern) to “support an energetic reset and prepare for the spring season” to “assist you in recognizing your personal life path, and in doing so… bring clarity to setting goals and making life decisions”.

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Sacred Geometry Acupuncture, for those new to the craft, is a very special, bespoke form of healing. From the event listing: “This pattern and active meditation was designed to open doors that previously seemed closed, allowing you to unlock and release that which is ‘stuck’ in your energetic body, psyche, and spirit. This treatment helps you change the core programming that is affecting your life and your body, allowing you to manifest a new sense of self. This group workshop is designed to help anyone who wants to create change and be in the flow of their daily life. The active meditation tools provided will support you in creating a sense of serenity. When you flow with transformation, you can genuinely feel empowered, stronger, and authentically happier. All issues are welcome!”

For more information or to RSVP, check out the event website.

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