Events We Love This Week: A Spiritual Journey With Survivorman

Les Stroud, creator of the Survivorman documentary television series, will be leading a course called “Reconnecting to the Earth” from August 5-7 in Rhinebeck, New York, with the intention of enriching the lives of participants by showing them how to truly reconnect with the Earth.

Can knowing how to build a fire or find your way in the wild enrich your life? According to Stroud, the answer is ‘yes’.

Using nature as a guide, participants can learn “practical wilderness skills as a metaphor for life and as a way of staying connected to yourself and the planet”. The course is aimed at teaching interested parties how to get down to the basics and practice “wilderness awareness tools to develop your sixth sense, and learn techniques for calming the body when lost”– a valuable teaching for any aspect of life. The course is aimed at demonstrating how these essential practices can help ground participants in their daily experiences and deepen their spiritual connection to the earth.

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Through “gentle outdoor adventuring, storytelling, music, self-reflection, land skills training, and the valuable earth-wisdom lessons Stroud has gathered from around the world”, participants in the course learn “the natural way to bring more clarity, peace, nature, and spirituality into your life”.

Find more information on the workshop here.

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