How to Make Your Road Trip Eco-Friendly in 2017

Epic road trips can be the stuff of legends– so why not take yours to the next level by making it an eco-friendly one? If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to travel more, take a minute to check out the list of tips Angelina Zeppieri put together for Savoteur to make your next cross-country adventure a little more considerate towards the environment. (And if you’re looking for drivable garden destinations in the US, we’ve got you covered from classic, formal gardens to secret gardens tucked into metropolitan sprawls to desert paradises in Southern California.) The most important of the three keys tips Zeppieri advises is eating local. In addition to recycling, remembering to hang up towels before leaving your hotel room, and turning off the lights, small culinary choices can make a huge difference.

“Sticking to farm-to-table restaurants, vegetarian spots and places that source local produce (or grow their own) is a smart way to support sustainability when you’re eating on the road,” Zeppieri writes. “Even better, book accommodations that include a kitchen and stock up on groceries from a local farmers market. For on-the-go options, check to see whether healthy fast-casual eateries like Sweetgreen and Veggie Grill are on your route, or download the Happy Cow app for veg-friendly places just about anywhere. This list of the top farm-to-table restaurants in the U.S. ensures a foodie-approved destination in every state.” 

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Read the rest of the tips at Savoteur.

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