Wreaths Aren’t Just for Winter Anymore

Jackson & Perkins' Blue Garden Tapestry Wreath has us dreaming about flower crowns and summer fêtes.

Most people associate summer with plants, fresh produce, gardens, and general lushness all around– and yet, there are a certain staples of plant design, like wreaths, that still have a decidedly “winter” feel.

In reality, summer is an ideal (if better) time to adorn your home with a fresh, handmade wreath. So why don’t people do this more often, you ask? Largely, the “winter” appeal of wreaths has to do with the availability of pine (the main ingredient in Christmas wreaths)– but who says a wreath has to be pine-based?

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Jackson & Perkins’ Blue Garden Tapestry Wreath adds a beautiful pop of color and greenery to any home, and it’s the perfect summer wreath for those looking to fill their homes with greenery without committing to houseplants or anything else that needs to be watered.

Filled with light blue larkspur, sage green integrifolia leaves, and delicate myrtle, this wreath has a delicate fragrance to compliment its perfect pop of color. No matter what the inside of your space looks like, it’s the great interior design fixture– lush, tactile, and just neutral enough to impart the same sense of wellbeing that comes from having plants in the home.

We love the rugged greenery in this wreath as it works just as well in the living room as on the front door– especially in the summer, which is really the best time of year to “deck the halls” with plants, if you ask us.

This 22-inch wreath is also a great gift for homeowners and can be used as a centerpiece at summer parties– simply lay the wreath down bloom-side up in the middle of a picnic table, and place a vase filled with wild herbs in the center. Voilà! The perfect summer centerpiece.

When in doubt, of course, stick to the basics and hang it as designed. With a wreath this elegant you can’t go wrong– no matter where you put it.

To order your own Blue Garden Tapestry Wreath, visit Jackson & Perkins online.

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