How to See Redwoods in Brooklyn

Redwoods are deeply associated with the almost spiritual sense of adventure that the West exudes. For many New Yorkers, redwoods are a kind of mythic, reclusive entity, shrouded in the mists and romance of the Pacific Ocean. But it turns out, these trees do grow in Brooklyn. Sort of.

A new art installation in Brooklyn brings to life a sense of redwoods’ scale. America artist Spencer Finch (whose Certain Slant of Light may be familiar if you visited The Morgan last year) has built a living model of the forested watershed in Redwood National Park. The installation is topographically accurate, carefully recreated through data provided by the Save the Redwoods League, and has faithfully installed the appropriate height and number of trees.

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Of course, Finch couldn’t recreate the actual scale of the coastal redwood trees themselves; instead, Finch opted for the smaller dawn redwood and built a replica at 1/100 size. Nonetheless, there is an enchanting air about the exhibit, bringing a little bit of the West to the East. It’s open until March 11th, 2018.

To find out more, visit the Public Art Fund’s website.

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