The Wild Center’s New “Wild Walk” Provides A Journey Across Treetops

The Wild Center in Tupper Lake has announced its new “Wild Walk” path– a series of elevated platforms and observation points that allow visitors to experience the Adirondack Forest like never before: from an interconnected series of platforms stationed as high as 42 feet in the air.

The “Wild Walk” was designed as a way to give adults and children a bird’s-eye view of nature, including:

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  • 32 bird feeders around Feeder Alley, the enclosed 60-foot-long bird observation zone
  • 27 Tree Towers
  • 1,270 feet of bridges of Wild Walk
  • 9 bridges
  • 27 miles to the furthest mountain summit visible form the top of Wild Walk

The walk will be open from Labor Day to Columbus Day, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. Tickets are good for two consecutive days and all paths are wheelchair accessible.

Watch the preview video below, and check out the Wild Center’s programming beginning with their “Take Flight” event on July 18, in which visitors can use The Wild Center’s resident drone to see life in the Adirondacks from a bird’s eye view– even higher than the “Wild Walk” itself.

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