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Daily Inspiration: Chef Jason Howard Is Redefining Caribbean Cuisine

Barbadian-born, London-based Chef Jason Howard is redefining Caribbean cuisine in the UK right now, with expertly-crafted, artful flavor pairings that often manifest in equally-artful presentations. As a five-star visionary when it comes to the delicate, bespoke dishes, Howard is on our radar as a rising chef to watch, mostly because Carribean cuisine itself is quickly becoming the new frontier of high-end dining. Tropical flavors are complex as-is, but the Caribbean is also one of the world’s most culinarily-innovative regions when it comes to spices and seafood. Combining these three nexuses of flavor makes for some very exciting meals, and Howard has developed quite the Instagram following for his micro-gastro approach to this genre of food as well as his outrageously-gorgeous plating. Check out his beautiful creations on Instagram or seek him out in London. With Michelin experience, Howard continues to make his mark and hopes to become the first chef to get a Michelin Star for Caribbean cuisine. We’re excited to see where his career goes (check out the cool “G” he styled for us above!)

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