Andreana Bitsis

Glynwood’s Farm Business Incubator Is Open For Applications

Glynwood, a non-profit based out of Cold Springs, New York, promotes sustainable farming in the Hudson Valley through education and programming– and right now, they’re opening up 300 acres for their Farm Business Incubator program to interested applicants. For anyone who’s ever worked in agriculture but hasn’t known what next steps to take towards building their own sustainable farming business, the opportunity is unparalleled.

A kind of farming fellowship, Glynwood’s incubator program is open to those with at least two years of agricultural experience, as the fellowship takes places over the course of three and half years and encourages stewardship and healthy cultivation of the land. The first year of the fellowship focuses on education, with plenty of classroom time, while the second and third years take place in the dirt, farming. The final half year prepares participants to transform their work into a long term undertaking in the field of agriculture. Aspiring farmers, this is for you!

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To find out more about this and other opportunities at Glynwood, visit the farm’s website.

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