Original Heirloom Foods vs. What They Look Like Now: Watch The Video

The term “genetic modification” sounds like something straight from a Michael Crichton novel, and, when invoked in the context of food, typically conjures the paranoia and mistrust of dystopian conglomerates like Monsanto.

While the science around GMOs remains controversial (some argue it goes against nature and we cannot know its long term impacts; others view it as a way to create a stable food supply, particularly as Climate Change threatens old ways of life), the fact remains that humans have been modifying their food supply in one way or another since time in memoriam.

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To illustrate this point, Business Insider recently produced a short video comparing the original forms of some of modern society’s favorite foods with what they look like now when you find them at the grocery store. A great deal of the original plants are nearly unrecognizable– a telling example of human influence on heirlooms. Check out the video below!

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