Pink Lemons Are Finally in Season Again

They're pink, they'll make your mouth pucker, and they are absolutely perfect for Instagram.

Pink Eureka lemons are possibly one of the most beautiful (and Instagram-worthy) fruits out there– and they’re only in season for the next few weeks.

On the outside, pink Eureka lemons are yellow with green stripes, much like those on a watermelon or a kabocha squash. On the inside, they are the same bright pink as a grapefruit, becoming a more vivid pink as the season progresses.

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The lemon is a mutation of the Eureka lemon tree, a common ornamental; the mutation first occurred in a backyard in the 1930s and has since become a prized variation.

When juiced, pink Eureka lemons have a similar taste to ordinary lemons but as they mature, they lose some of their acidity and take on sweeter tones. As most of their value is in their appearance, and as they are a highly prized commodity, the lemons are typically used as a garnish, rather than substituted en masse to other recipes.

Try using them in your morning lemon water or try making some white coffee for an extra splash of cheery color as the seasons start to become more dreary.


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