Radicle Farm Company Introduces Living Salad

A big concern that many CSA and supermarket shoppers often voice in early summer is their inability to use up salad greens before they go bad– a waste of food and money. Radicle Farm Company has introduced living salad greens that are boxed in efficient, recyclable containers in which lettuce varietals can grow with only a small amount of water. The best part: the leaves stay crisp for up to two weeks.

Most bagged salad travels over 1000 miles to reach its destination and is weeks old by the time it arrives (it sits in processing for 1 to 3 days then spends 4-7 days in transit and typically a week in stores before it is purchased). 40% of bagged salad greens test positive for fecal bacteria because of their mishandling. Meanwhile, 50% of consumers throw away the product due to spoilage.

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Radicle Farm Company's "Living" Salad

Radicle Farm’s “home harvest” method ensures that greens maintain their peak freshness until they are consumed without all the potential for nutrient loss and contamination. Radicle salads travel on average less than 30 miles from where they are produced– that’s even closer than some of the farms that service the Union Square Farmers Market.

Containers cost $3.99 and are currently sold at all Whole Foods in Manhattan and New Jersey. (They’re also available for purchase on FreshDirect.) Just take them home, cut, rinse, and serve– from Radicle Farm to your fork in one swift purchase.

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