Andreana Bitsis

A GC-Approved Rooftop Brunch To Send Summer Off In Style

Saying goodbye to summer is a bittersweet affair. While we’re only too eager to take our leave of un-airconditioned subway cars and the baking summer heat, we can’t help but feel a little wistful about leaving behind the warm, light evenings. But Fall– with its cozy fashion and pleasant chill– has its own appeal, one we’ve also missed and one we’ll probably also get all sentimental over when winter looms ahead.

But wait! We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Summer isn’t over— the official calendar date for Fall’s beginning is September 22nd. Before the moment passes, we gathered up the GC ladies for a rooftop brunch celebrating these last glorious summer days and all the fun we’ve had this season. We decked our table with seasonal, simple flowers, which contrasted with the chic, polished Reverso vases, creating a setting that balances clean modernity with the tangled animation of nature.


Andreana Bitsis

None of the recipes were overly complicated– after all, it seems like September still has a few hot days left in her, so none of us wanted to spend that much time pouring over a stove. Instead, we just chose a few simple ingredients to offset the delicious produce from the Union Square farmers market. Some of the vegetables– like the heirloom tomatoes– we didn’t even bother to prepare, and instead just left them in a great pile at the center of the table, ready to slice and salt. We also decided to rely on the produce and bouquets for our table’s color, offsetting their vibrant hues with the neutral matte look of Yield’s french press and the natural tones of GrowOya’s terra cotta watering vessel.

For napkins and placemats, we opted for natural textures as well, again honoring the unadulterated beauty of summer. Filled with delicious food and a few glasses of rosé, it seemed a little easier to leave summer behind. After all, if it were Summer all year, what we have to look forward to?

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