Andreana Bitsis

How To Make Amazing Stone Fruit S’mores

Grilled fruit is what dreams are made of.

Campfires (and the snacks you cook over them) are a quintessential part of summer– but in a city like New York, building a campfire is far from feasible. In the spirit of summer and Balconia (our monthly theme exploring the vacations you can take in your own garden), we decided to create our own garden-friendly, campfire dessert: grilled fruit.


Andreana Bitsis

Our garden version of s’mores offers a new twist on grilled stone fruit (an integral part of summer– we recommend getting some peaches from Frog Hollow). You can grill peaches and grapefruit with a pan in the kitchen or as part of an open-air barbecue. Topped off with greek yogurt, a swizzle of local honey, and a few sprigs of fresh mint from an herb box, these grilled fruit are a delicious, easy snack for hot, lazy evenings.

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