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“Grow Food” Is Your New Food Justice Anthem

Back in 2012, Y.N.Rich Kids blew up with their ode to beloved junk foods Hot Cheetos and Takis, garnering over 14 million hits on their music video. The group is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and is part of the Beats and Rhymes program, which seeks to “provide school-age kids the chance to experience making and recording music in a way they could relate to”.

In an effort to bring a more socially-conscious dimension to their music, Beats and Rhymes teamed up with Appetite for Change, a Minneapolis-based organization that seeks to strengthen families, create economic prosperity, and encourage healthy living through food. The result is “Grow Food”, a culmination of Appetite For Change’s Summer 2016 Youth Employment & Training Program, written and performed by a group calling themselves Urban Youth. The kids in the video all have serious talent, drawing attention to systemic racism and delivering their meaningful verses with style. The song itself has a catchy beat that’s sure to stick in your head all afternoon– if you don’t believe us, know that even Nick Cannon posted a clip of their music on his Instagram. Check out the video below!

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