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Savor Your Summer With Pickled Flowers

With summer at its peak, it’s the best time to take advantage of all the season has to offer. One of our favorite things to have on hand during the summer is pickles– we love leaving a jar of them in the middle of the table to snack on throughout the day, as they make the perfect tart, salty, refreshing snack.

In honor of our monthly theme of Romance & Flowers, we decided to give pickles a GC spin by making pickled flowers. This easy-for-kids recipe is simple (you can spice it up with your own custom seasonings) and you can pickle just about any flower (we recommend looking for flowers with a slightly peppery taste, like nasturtiums). Lil’ Sprouts will have fun gathering flowers they think are pretty and seeing them transformed by the pickling process. Our favorite use for pickled flowers is adding them to a fresh, summery salad or incorporating them into a dressing. We can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

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Easy Pickled Flowers

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Easy Pickled Flowers

5 mins
  • edible flowers
  • white vinegar
  • mason jar

Gently rinse edible flowers.


Place in jar and fill jar with white vinegar or other salty brine of choice.


Let sit in a cool, dark place for one week.


Top your favorite salad and enjoy!

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