Gabriela Herman

Check Out Our Founder’s Garden in Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living profiles the enchanting garden belonging to our own Daisy Helman.

In a new piece for Martha Stewart Living titled, Daisy Helman’s Hidden Garden Might Just Be One of the Prettiest We’ve Seen, Melissa Ozawa profiles the garden that served as the initial inspiration for our magazine– and now, you can read the piece online.

Photo: Gabriela Herman for Martha Stewart Living

Featuring beautiful detail shots and other images by Gabriela Herman, the article explores everything from Daisy’s unique eye for garden aesthetics to the romantic plantings within, which reminisce of everything from her travels through Europe to her favorite children’s book, The Secret Garden. Visitors to the page can glean insight on our founder’s favorite “messy-yet-structured” approach to garden design, which informs not only this particular garden’s virtue but that of our magazine, as well.

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Read the entire piece and check out the lovely photos now, via Martha Stewart Living.

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