How To Take Action To Protect The Environment (Under Trump)

Over the course of his campaign and during his short time in office, Donald Trump has long positioned himself as an opponent of the environment. He has previously stated that Climate Change is a hoax invented by the Chinese and as president has already set a precedent in which concerns about the environment are pushed aside in favor of benefitting the oil industry. Below, we’ve compiled ways to take action for each of the major environmental issues currently at stake. This article will be consistently updated as new information emerges, so be sure to check back to find the latest up-to-date information on how to stay involved with any new environmental initiatives on the national agenda.

If you’re concerned about #NoDAPL and the Keystone Pipeline:

In his first week in office, Donald Trump signed an executive order allowing the Dakota and Keystone Pipelines to proceed with construction. While there are still many steps left before construction can officially begin, here are a few actions you can take now.

— Submit your concerns to the US Army Corps of Engineers, who are currently preparing an environmental impact statement. (If you need to brush up on the facts, read up here.) Both the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Sierra Club have prepared pre-written email statements. Submissions are open until February 20th, 2017.

— Donate to the Sacred Stone Legal Defense fund.

— Urge your bank to divest if it is currently funding the pipeline project.

— Sign the petition on

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