DIY Rose Paper

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DIY Rose Paper

3.5 hours
  • 4 cups ripped up scrap paper
  • seeds, dried petals, leaves, or other salvaged parts of a bouquet
  • hot water
  • window screen
  • long plastic bin

Place ripped up scraps in a container with with 8 cups hot water and let soak for three or more hours.


Mash the pulp with your hands (or a blender) and pour over a screen into a wide container. Add enough water so that everything is fully submerged.


Lift the screen up and gently shake the mixture (like panning for the gold). Scatter the wet pulp with flower petals, seeds, or whatever else inspires you.


Gently dab the pulp with a dry sponge to remove the moisture and press the petals in. Flip the dried pulp onto a flat surface and let dry overnight.

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