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Photo: Courtesy of Roddenberry Fellowship

Beam Us Up Scotty! There Is Now A Roddenberry Fellowship For Aspiring Activists

Have dreams of boldly going where no one has gone before?

Applications opened today for the Roddenberry Fellowship, a new initiative from the Roddenberry family (Gene Roddenberry was the creator of Star Trek, hence all of our references) that aims to support activists, organizers, and change-makers who are “working to make the US a more equitable and inclusive place to live.”

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In the wake of the Trump administration’s many alarming actions against immigrants, minorities, women, and the environment, the Roddenberry Fellowship is targeting four specific areas to support with their fellowship grants: Civil Rights; Climate Change and Environmental Justice; LGBTQIA and Women’s Rights; and Immigration and Refugee Rights. A total of 20 fellows will be selected, and each fellow will receive $50,000, as well as “tailored support to help implement a project or initiative.”

Judges for the fellowship include journalists, activists, academics, and community leaders from across the four disciplines, and include high-powered individuals like Susan Herman, the president of the ACLU, and Rhea Suh, the president of the National Resources Defense Council.

To learn more and apply, visit the Roddenberry Fellowship’s website.

Want to get involved but not quite at Roddenberry Fellowship levels? Check out our tips for supporting public park spaces, even if you can’t make it to rallies.


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