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We Love This Freshly Picked, Partially Recycled Yarn

With their earthy hues and rustic texture, Jimmy Beans Wool Shibui knits are poised to take the natural knitting trend by storm.

In the era of mass manufacturing– and at a time in which handmade items are enjoying renewed primacy— knitting and the art of making one’s own clothes has never been more attractive.

Handcrafted luxury brands like Elizabeth Suzann and Alabama Chanin are making modern clothing by hand again, while Instagram accounts like Thea Coleman and Two of Wands have made DIY #knitting cooler than ever.

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Enter into this environment Jimmy Beans Wool, a one-stop shop for knitters who offer beautiful Shibui skeins made with recycled silk, fine merino wool, and cashmere.

Offered in a wide variety of freshly picked, earthy colors, the company’s offerings of tweedy lace-weight yarn are complex, tonal, and unique– perfect for color work, lace, and a variety of garment making applications. It’s also super soft, which is a key attribute when it comes to preparing for sweater weather and the Fall harvest.

The company’s Shibui Knits Bouquets (shown in the banner above and the image below) are the latest incarnation of this sumptuous tweed bundle, which adds a plush feel and rich depth of color to any fabric.

We also love the wholesomeness of purchasing fresh bundles of yarn from a trusted retailer– especially one who makes an effort to incorporate recycled materials. (As of this writing, 85% of textile waste goes straight to landfills when much of the fabric and material could be recycled.)

For beginner and experiences knitters, we recommend ordering your first Jimmy Beans Wool products in a variety of colors in order to experiment with the look and feel of the resultant fabrics. The colors are rich without being in-your-face, while the textures have a beautiful tactile appeal– the slight variation in individual skeins makes each product feel special. What more could you want?

To order your own set of yarn bouquets, visit Jimmy Beans Wool online.

* This post was sponsored by Jimmy Beans Wool. The opinions are completely based on the product experience of our editors. For more information, visit our Terms and Conditions.

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