Studio Segers’ Chicken Coop is The Future of Agricultural Design

The secret to a great urban garden isn’t fancy fertilizer or heirloom seeds (although those certainly help in the move towards self-sufficient city living). Really, green design is all about the smart use of space, and Studio Segers’ Daily Needs chicken coop seems to have mastered this form.

Advertised as “a modular program for gardening and keeping small livestock,” their Daily Needs Modular Chicken Coop & Garden was developed as an all-in-one structure that provides space to grow vegetables, store garden equipment, and keep chickens. The coop is crafted from a thermally-treated pinewood called Thermowood– a special pine collected from European forests that’s less able to absorb or lose moisture, which makes for maximum durability and easy maintenance. Most intriguingly (and true to the name), Daily Needs brings in all the essential urban gardening processes under one roof (literally).

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Rainwater can be collected in an attached dish, vegetables grown can be harvested for personal use or as chicken feed, and there’s even a composting bin that can be configured according to the owner’s taste. Best of all, in addition to eggs, the chickens can be used as an organic waste removal strategy (feed them leftovers!), and their manure makes a great fertilizer.

Studio Segers won the prestigious Ovam Eco Design Award for the coop’s utilitarian design, and they already have plans to roll out more structures (there are rabbit hutches and greenhouses in the works).

Check out the gallery below and get an inside look at this fascinating, futuristic mini-farm– sooner or later it might be coming to a city near you.

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