A Massive Flower Carpet Will Soon Bloom in Belgium

The 21st biennial flower carpet will return to Belgium on August 16-19th, 2018.

The 20th-biennial flower carpet will debut in Belgium’s Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from August 16-19th, 2018.

The display, which will be open to the public for three days, consists of 600,000 begonias, dahlias, grasses and dyed bark aimed at depicting the beauty of nature, and–for the first time in its history– the Flower Carpet will adopt a Latin American theme devoted to Guanajuato, a Mexican region with an exceptionally rich culture, history, and flower tradition. 

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The floral carpet spans 1,800 square meters– over 75 m long and 24 m wide, and has come to be regarded as a premiere even on the Brussels culture map since it was first created in 1971.



“Every other summer, on the weekend of August 15th, the Flower Carpet offers a chance to stroll across the Grand-Place, a jewel of Gothic architecture, to inhale the fragrant scent of the begonias and admire its details,” the event website explains.

“This extraordinary spectacle is made complete by a visit to the balcony of the Town Hall, which offers a wide-angle view of the work. A musical theme is especially composed for each edition. A concert is given on the Grand-Place every evening and accompanies a magnificent sound-and-light show.”

The floral carpet will be open, August 16-19th from 10 AM to 10 PM. Get in before it closes and don’t miss the panoramic view from the balcony of the Town Hall (last entry is at 9:30 PM, and children under 10 get in free). The Grand Place is accessible by public transportation, bike, or car.

For more information about Belgium’s Floral Carpet, visit the installation’s website.

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