Photo: Courtesy of Orange Fiber

Ferragamo’s Capsule Collection Is Made From Oranges

Despite its trend-setting, Fashion (capital F) has been an institution notably reluctant to embrace change, often falling behind on issues of diversity, accessibility, and ethical production. Luxury brands in particular have a reputation of remaining wedded to traditional formulas (apart from a few notable exceptions like Stella McCartney), even as consumer favorites like Levi’s shift their practices. In the last few years, however, with increasing public demand for environmentally-conscious products, many luxury brands have begun to adapt, releasing capsule collections made from sustainable materials or sourced in a more ethically responsible manner.

The latest to join in on the effort, Salvatore Ferragamo released a new collection earlier this year in honor of Earth Day, made using a citrus fiber fabric and perfect for summer weather. The only textile of its kind, the citrus fabric is made by the aptly titled company Orange Fiber and is produced by turning citrus juice byproducts into a polymer yarn, thereby diverting waste from landfill. (And in case you’re thinking orange peels can’t make up that much waste, they amount to some 700,000 tons of waste per year in Italy.) The resulting fabric has a silky touch and can be made opaque or iridescent, as desired.

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Beyond its sustainable impact, the fabric is poetic tribute to Italy’s long standing love affair with citrus fruit, oranges in particular. As Orange Fiber notes on their site, they “produce a high-quality fabric capable of bringing together two pillars from our Italian heritage– textiles and food– and respond to the demands of both innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry.”

To learn more about Orange Fiber, visit their website.

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