Meet Nature’s Most Wanted

Looking to add some adventure to your summer? The Search For Lost Species wants to bring you on a mission of such critical global import even James Bond is in on it.

Indiana Jones-esque in objective, The Search For Lost Species is a new project from Global Wildlife Conservation that’s hoping to track down the world’s most rare, elusive, and possibly (but hopefully not!) extinct species, with the goal of better supporting their conservation and habitats.

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Currently, The Search For Lost Species has released their top 25 “most wanted” list– a collection of 25 animals who sound as though they belong in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (see: the pink-headed duck or the tree kangaroo).

Many of these “near mythic creatures” haven’t been seen in dozens of years; the list is an optimistic one, based on unverified sightings of animals that Global Wildlife Conservation hopes are still out there.

At this writing, the full site has yet to launch; The Search For Lost Species is currently seeking partners, donations, and people to hit the ground in hot pursuit of these animals in the wild. If Donald Trump’s Paris Climate Accord has you worried about the environment (if it doesn’t…please rethink your priorities), then donating or reaching out to volunteer your services is an easy and fun way to stay apprised of environmental health. Plus, it’s the best way to garner a bit of cool factor and give yourself an easy start to any conversation: “Yeah, I’m helping track down the 25 Most Wanted. ‘Sup.”

To learn more about The Search For Lost Species, visit their website.

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