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The Best Natural Beauty Products for Travel

Because you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for size.

The best beauty products for travel should be safe, effective, and sized within TSA regulations. Years ago, it used to be that quality personal care products were sacrificed at the alter of size restrictions at the airport, but with a new crop of luxe eco-friendly beauty products entering the market, we’re more excited than ever to pack our bags and look good while doing it.

Before you head out, consider taking a dose of Urban Moonshine’s Immune¬†Tonic, to preemptively ward off the illness of sneezing passengers or local germs at your destination. Pack it up with you and continue to take¬†while in transit and when you arrive, to ensure your travel isn’t marred by a runny nose. Urban Moonshine recommends taking a dose 2-5 times a day.

When flying, we’re all about trying to make the experience as chilled out as possible. While in the air, we stand by the O.G. of herbal calming tinctures: Bach Flower’s rescue remedy, which utilizes flower essences to keep you zen. (Traveling with pets? Bach Flower makes a rescue remedy for pets too.)

If an upset stomach is your bane when flying, check out Urban Moonshine’s digestive bitters, which helps good gut health by supporting the liver. The bitters also help relieve heartburn, so if you’ve got a gluttonous vacation ahead, be sure to keep a bottle nearby.

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Want to just snooze through your flight? We love Good Day Chocolate’s melatonin chocolatesGood Day Chocolate’s melatonin chocolates— they put us out like a light every time. Save some for when you arrive, in case you’re having trouble with jet lag and getting to bed at the right time.

As far as care essentials go once you’re on the ground, we’re fans of Intelligent Nutrient’s shampoo and conditioner. For your body, we recommend Flynn & King’s neem and activated charcoal soap, whose targeted ingredients help soothe irritated skin– a common qualm when traveling to new climates. As a toner, keep it simple with Thayer’s witch hazel, and glam it up for your moisturizer with one of Odacite’s super concentrated serums.

If you’re spending time outside (which we hope you are if you’re on vacation!), stay fresh with Lavanila’s healthy deodorant (we’ve got a whole list of tried-and-tested deodorants if you’re looking for a different scent). Where possible, keep yourself covered with a protective hat, but always be sure to have sunsceen close at hand. Our go-to? Supergoop’s soothing mineral sunscreen.

Looking for more travel tips? Try making your own relaxing buckwheat eye pillows.

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