When it Comes to Supplements, The Method of Delivery Matters

LivOn Labs' future-forward liposomal supplements demonstrate that when it comes to method of delivery, supplements have room to innovate.

In recent years much of the discussion surrounding supplements has centered around whether or not they are sufficiently regulated– with proponents arguing that barriers to entry in long term research prevents many effective supplements from getting the attention they deserve. (Detractors, however, argue that there isn’t sufficient evidence to back up many vitamin manufacturers claims.)

But regardless of this longstanding debate, what about method of delivery? If much of the debate surrounding supplements has to do with bioavailability, shouldn’t more companies be emphasizing the innovations that can help boost absorption?

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LivOn Labs‘ liposomal supplements aim to do just that; the company provides a range of dietary supplements like Vitamin C, B Complex, and Glutathione that are delivered using liposomal encapsulation technology, which maximizes bioavailability through their trademark smart lyposomal nano-spheres.

Sold in single-serve packets whose contents are more efficiently absorbed than pills or powders, LivOn’s liquid supplements are also easier on the digestive system and more comfortable and affordable than IV injections.

The packets are meant to be taken 1 or 2 times per day in 1 to 3 oz of liquid, ideally on an empty stomach to maximize absorption. (After 15 minutes, food can be introduced.)

“Lypo-Spheric” products use lyposomes made from phospholipids, which the company notes is “the same material that makes up your cells.” These phospholipids encapsulate the nutrient being supplemented to protect it through the digestive process, which serves the twin purpose of maximizing absorption and satisfying the body’s need for phospholipids.

The company offers a variety of nutrients in their lyposomal supplements, which are all non-GMO, sugar free, gluten free, and 100% vegan. Their glutathione supplement is great for protecting cells from the onslaught of damage caused by free radicals, promoting optimum cellular health, and supporting a health immune system– but we love it most for its capacity to restore our energy levels.

The Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C (which is unsurprisingly a best seller) boosts immunity and supports healthy skin, joints, and muscles– and we love how portable it is, as the small packets are perfect for flights and other on-the-go moments when the body needs Vitamin C the most. (A feature in the New York Times that called this product “the hot new neutraceutical on the block” points out that Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C “is almost as good as a C drip.”)

LivOn’s B Complex Plus, meanwhile, delivers safe and natural energy support that helps the body burn fuel more efficiently. There’s no added sugar and no caffeine– and B vitamins also help support healthy blood sugar levels in those already within the normal range.

Ultimately, the effectiveness and much of the messaging surrounding it comes down to the patented technology that delivers the vitamin– rather than a discuss of the vitamins themselves (though they are obviously a big part of the equation). With innovations in the method of delivery advancing beyond the realm of pressed pills and powders, we might begin to image a future where people who hate taking pills can still take supplements if they want to– and when they do, their bodies will make it count.

To order your own set of lyposomal supplements, visit LivOn Labs.

* This post was sponsored by LivOn Labs. The opinions are completely based on the product experience of our editors. For more information, visit our Terms and Conditions.

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