Andreana Bitsis

Get Dirty Just to Get Clean with Luxurious Charcoal Soap

Charcoal has been having a moment for a while now. We’ve made our own toothpaste from it, we’ve used it to detox, we’ve used it to filter our water— suffice to say, it’s pretty safe to consider us experts in the world of charcoal.

Of all the many charcoal products we’ve seen of late, however, we’ve been especially impressed by and obsessed with Flynn & King’s Neem and Activated Charcoal Soap (currently on sale in the GC Shop), which brings together the cleansing power of activated charcoal and the inflammation fighting power of neem oil. The soap is ideal for those with acne, overactive oil glands, eczema, bug bites, and psoriasis because it cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils. With time, the soap can even be used to lighten scars and treat blemishes.

Andreana Bitsis

With its comforting herbal smell, using the soap is a thoroughly healing experience, inside and out. You can use this soap anywhere on your body, and as a single bar of the soap lasts five to six months, it’s a worthwhile investment if you have sensitive skin (which, during these winter months, is just about everyone). Pack a travel size bar and take it with you on the go– an easy way to keep your skin ready for whatever may come your way.

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