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Stuff We’re Digging: Sensitive Skin Edition

Stuff We’re Digging is a recurring Garden Collage feature where a member of our staff spotlights a collection of intriguing new products from the world of gardening, wellness, mindfulness, and/or beauty. Some of these items can be found in the GC Shop, while others are simply beautiful discoveries worth coveting. This week, GC Intern Juni Lee spotlights her can’t-miss natural beauty products for sensitive, dry skin. Shop the story, below.

Inheriting my mother’s sensitive and dry skin, I had a lot of trouble finding the right kind of skin care that fits my needs. (The only moisturizer that I could use until nineteen was a baby lotion.) While struggling to find the right skin care products, I have gone through numerous failures and turned my face red and itchy. After consecutive failures, I convinced myself that I am destined to stick with the baby lotion for my entire life. Then, I found Aveda Skin Care, which received me from my endless search for optimal, natural skin care. Along with moisturizing my face, cleansing is also very important for skin types like mine. The Victoria Lanolin Egg Soap that I have been in love with for last few years is soft and effective. Plus, it’s hard not to mention its cute packaging–a blue package with cute yellow hens that makes the soap more intriguing.

The most relaxing time throughout the day is the moment when I put on the moisturizer after showering. After a long, pleasant shower using Black Soap Scents of Hammam, I use an oatmeal mask to moisturize my face. This quick, nourishing treatment is very soothing and rehydrates my sensitive and dry skin. Even the light scent of oatmeal makes the process relaxing. After all the cleansing is finished I put on Aveda Face Cream and a Byredo Body Lotion to prepare for my overnight battle with my dry room.

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My weekend mornings are usually very slow. I become super lazy and my body just refuses to go out for a morning coffee. This is when Yield’s French Press really comes in handy. I use my beautifully glazed Jars cup for my coffee and enjoy my lazy weekend morning– something about having a sturdy cup makes the process feel elegant. After getting a late weekend start (on purpose), I like to go out and wonder around the city. Before leaving my sweet home, I put on my Miss Dior fragrance. The fresh floral scent is refreshing and helps me endure the abrupt and intolerable smells that sometimes occur on New York City streets.

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