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Photo: Andreana Bitsis

How The Tech World Is Getting Into Sun Protection

Silicon Valley is synonymous with a lot of things: innovation, social media, the Bay Area, and new money– but what about sun protection? In today’s landscape of increased skincare awareness and fast-paced living, the demand for innovation solutions to sun protection woes is nigh. Here are three companies doing innovative things in the world of SPF.

SnappyScreen’s Sunscreen Spray Booth

Much like a spray tanning booth, SnappyScreen’s Spray Booth mists the entire body with solution– only instead of tanning your skin, it works to prevent it. SnappyScreen offers hands-free sunscreen application– simply step select your level of protection, step into the booth wearing your bathing suit, and walk away completely covered. The company’s sunscreen comes in various SPF formulations (users can select the level of SPF much like one would select the denominations of bills at an ATM) and the sunscreen is oxybenzone- and alcohol-free, so it’s gentle enough for kids and won’t damage swimsuits. Currently, SnappyScreen is mostly operating in oceanfront and poolside hotels like the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills– though the company hopes to eventually make the service available at public beaches where possible. Application takes just 10 seconds, and also helps you reach those hard-to-get places like the upper back. If you could avoid the greasy sunscreen hands that typically come with application, why would you not?

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La Roche-Posay’s UV Patch + App

La Roche-Posay is one of the most trusted names in skincare, known for their antioxidant-infused formulations and sleek, easy-to-apply texture. Their sunscreens are non-greasy and non-comedogenic, and now, customers will know exactly when to apply them. The brand’s new sun patch and corresponding app are aimed at using color-changing photo technology to remind those basking in the sun of when they should re-apply sunscreen (typically every 2 hours, but most people don’t keep track). Watch the video above for more details on how the patch was designed, but for those looking for a quick synopsis, here it is: Simply apply the patch at the beginning of your time in the sun, and wait for it to tell you when to next reapply sunscreen. It’s great for kids, waterproof, and a guaranteed fashion statement.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Blue Lizard’s Color-Changing Bottle

Blue Lizard sunscreen’s smart bottle technology utilizes the same photo-sensitivity that gives your skin a tan to remind users to apply sunscreen– even when the sun doesn’t seem very strong. UV technology in the bottle detects the sun’s damaging rays and changes color when enough sun is present to merit wearing the sunscreen in side. If the bottle is blue and you’re uncovered, it’s best to apply liberally (about 2 oz for the entire body, or one shot glass worth). And no– the sunscreen itself is not blue. We’ve come a long way from the weird, color-changing sunscreens of the ’90’s.

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