Drinking Tequila Can Help You Lose Weight, Scientists Say

Research conducted by the American Chemical Society found that agavins (naturally-occuring sugars found in the agave plant) won't raise your blood sugar.

According to research conducted by the American Chemical Society in March of 2014, a naturally-occurring sugar that is found in agave plants may help lower blood sugar. How are we just finding out about this now?

Not that we are excited to have an excuse to drink more Margaritas or anything, but the research, which looked at the effects of tequila on blood glucose levels found that agavins–sugars found in the agave plant that ferments to make tequila– are non digestible. As a result, unlike agave syrup (which does indeed spike your blood sugar), agavins won’t raise your blood sugar– unlike the naturally occurring (but occasionally beneficial) sugars found in wine, beer, or other spirits.

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Says Delish:

“During the study, researchers found that mice who’d been given a standard diet, and then drank water with agavins added, ended up eating less overall and had lower blood sugar levels than the others who hadn’t consumed agavins.

What’s more, the mice consuming agavins also produced a hormone called GLP-1, which keeps the stomach full longer and produces insulin, leading researchers to believe that agavins could be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes or [those] struggling with weight-loss issues.”

If you didn’t already need a reason to have a tequila sunrise on your next tropical vacation, now you have one!

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