Events We Love: Dandelion Love Hosted By Enlightenment Wines

On May 7th from 7 PM to 8:30 PM, Dawn Petter of Petalune Herbals (and a regular contributor to Garden Collage) will be hosting the third of her three-part herbalism series at Honey’s in Brooklyn.

As a follow up to Petter’s April 2nd workshop on Bitters: The Lost Flavor Rediscovered, and her Herbal Remedies For Spring Allergies workshop (to be held earlier on the same day, May 7th,) Petter will focus on the almighty dandelion— one of the most nutritious and versatile greens whose parts can be consumed in various herbal preparations, with a number of healing benefits to their name.

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The Dandelion Love Workshop will explore how to make herbal remedies from the roots and leaves of dandelions, as well as how to make syrups from the flowers, ferments from the buds, and other enticing edible treats from the plant’s leaves and stems. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

“The dandelion is one of the worlds’ most widespread weeds, maligned by gardeners, but adored by herbalists and foragers,” Petter writes of the event. “From the top of the flower to the bottom of the root, this weed is a potent botanical healer and wild food. As one of nature’s best vitamin pills, the dandelion has the ability to transform your digestion, your mood, and even your aches and pains.” (Read more of her insight on this powerful plant here.)

Dandelion Love will be hosted by Enlightenment Wines, a small-batch purveyor specializing in honey-based wines and meads made with wild yeast, foraged herbs, and locally-sourced fruit. The company has two production locations: one on a family farmstead in the Hudson Valley, and the other in Brooklyn. (They also make an excellent dandelion wine!)

Honey’s is located at 93 Scott Avenue in Brooklyn. For more information or to book your ticket for this event, visit the workshop’s Eventbrite page.

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