Beatrice Helman

A Brooklyn Girl’s Guide To Sunday: Smoothie Time

I wake up and have a smoothie. It’s my favorite thing to start the morning with because it’s filling but it doesn’t put me to sleep which most other food does. I can’t eat most dinners without needing to get in bed and pretending my phone doesn’t exist because my brain is asleep. But smoothies fill you up, give you some energy and don’t put you to sleep, so they’re a winner in my book. They’re also sweet, which is the primary necessity in my breakfast. (And kind of all of my meals.) I have a huge huge sweet tooth, mostly for fruit, and my smoothies are always bad smoothies, as in they have more fruit and bananas in them and less spinach kale etc. (But you should totally add greens to your morning smoothie, and almond butter, and seeds and all the things people tell you to add.)

A Brooklyn Girl's Guide To Sunday: SmoothieBeatrice Helman

I treat my smoothies more like cold fruit soups, especially since I like to eat them out of a bowl with a spoon. Smoothie, soup, same thing. I am a fan of adding in fun extras, whether in the actual making of the thing– aloe water, clay, flax seeds– or on top, using key garden-sourced ingredients like bee pollen and chia seeds. They’re fun, pretty, and securing them doesn’t take any effort. I’ve also been taking a lot of inspiration lately from Lee Tilghman, or the famous @leefromamerica on Instagram. She makes awesome smoothie bowls that are a serious inspiration to the rest of us. Seriously everyone: check her out right now. Like stop what you’re doing and look at her social media or her website. There’s tomorrow’s breakfast!

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