Beatrice Helman

A Brooklyn Girl’s Guide to Sunday: Superior Elevation Records

I use iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. They’re great and easy places to locate and listen to music, which is super useful given that a subway ride without music is basically my permanent nightmare. But despite the ease of all these online music outlets, I also love records. They’re big and I can hold them squarely in my hands, which I love. But records are so much more than the music on them: they feel special because of their cover art– they feel like an activity, something you can spend all day sifting for. They feel like an aspect of history (if you’re looking at old ones) and finding the right one can feel like finding gold. I’m the classic “taken-by-the-cover-art” type of record shopper, but when I find a copy of a song I love that I forgot about but that I really, really used to listen to all the time, it feels like I’ve won the lottery.


Plus: the places that sell these kinds of records really care. It’s not so much about the music, but the experience of music and all that it represents, that brings people to explore what’s on the shelves of their local record shop. One of my favorites in New York City is Superior Elevation Records, which is a perfect place to go on a Sunday; it’s bright, airy, and they have random plants growing in the most unexpected places.

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