Beatrice Helman

A Brooklyn Girl’s Guide to Sunday: The Fat Radish

Christmas can be whatever you want it to be, but there are some restaurants that accommodate celebrations better than others– restaurants that are big enough to accommodate a family but cozy enough to remain a neighborhood staple. It goes without saying that these restaurants should always also be really, really good. The Fat Radish is one such restaurant; it’s a great summer spot, but it’s a better winter one, with a menu that has something for everyone.

0003433-R3-018-7AI’ve taken everyone here, from boyfriends to kind-of-friends to my mom, and everyone has loved it and added it to their list of immediate go-to restaurants. The owners, Ben Towill and Phil Winseral, also own The Leadbelly oyster bar across the street, in case you go the no-reservation route and you need a drink while you wait. The cheese plate is from local star Saxelby Cheese and the bartender is always up for conversation if you feel like flying solo.

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0003433-R3-070-33AFat Radish is the kind of place that makes you want to wear your biggest oatmeal sweater and drink apple cider all day. After, head to Coming Soon next door for fun gift ideas and to Lost Weekend NYC, a coffee shop down the street with big armchairs and a wooden table where you can sit and read or just digest.


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