Beatrice Helman

A Brooklyn Girl’s Guide to Sunday: In-Between Neighborhoods

I just moved down the street to the nexus between Williamsburg and Greenpoint, and it’s wild just how much the landscape changes in a few blocks. Coffeeshops that were just around the corner are now a journey, and restaurants I didn’t even know existed are now local. So here are a few gorgeous green spots for Brooklyn visitors looking to explore between the lines. In North Williamsburg (on the border of Greenpoint), I recommend Lilia, where you can buy pastries and get groovy coffee during the day and eat incredible Italian food at night. Juicery Kitchen, which has the most intense miso soup I’ve ever had, is also a must-stop. Llama Inn, which is around the corner, is a great standby for weekend breakfast while boasting what is probably the best Peruvian food in New York– or at least in my neighborhood.

Ad Hoc, a tiny men and women’s store that is full of things I want, and Fox and Fawn, which is another minuscule store that sells vintage clothes, are both great for vintage shopping in the area. The Beacon’s Closet in Greenpoint is by far the largest of this locally-renowned chain, and Ovenly is worth the ten minute walk down Manhattan Ave for its vegan salted chocolate chip cookies. Ovenly is also across from the flagship In God We Trust, a store that has always been and will always be for the cool girls of Greenpoint. Even as the weather starts to cool, this part of the neighborhood is still worth exploring.

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