Buy These Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Let’s be real: Valentine’s Day is a stressful holiday. Maybe it’s because the beginning of the year doesn’t have many other commercial holidays, so Valentine’s Day gets built up to compensate. But theories aside, for those who are single, it looms large as a reminder of “failure” (which is a bunch of baloney) and for those in relationships, it works like a high-intensity pressure cooker (especially if you’re in a new relationship).

While we can’t solve the cultural mores that put you on edge during Valentine’s Day, we can offer some easy gift sets that will make your Valentine’s Day just a little bit easier. (Believe us, we know the February 13th panic that sets in when you realize you still don’t have anything for him.) Each of these boxes features ethically-sourced items from the GC Shop, and comes simply wrapped with bespoke botanic elements. Is your guy a rowdy outdoorsman? We’ve got the kit for you. A dapper gentleman? We’ve got that too. A proud beard-sporter? No fear– we know what he needs. Check out our picks below!

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For The Urban Forager

Andreana Bitsis

If your partner enjoys the thrill of outdoors, consider our Urban Forager Gift Box Set, which comes with Opinel’s sturdy mushroom knife, Flynn & King’s charcoal soap, and a small, sleek Blackline board (perfect for prep or presentation). Offer to come along with him and turn it into a couple’s adventures. Go on a walk to gather up your ingredients (whether that’s just to the farmers’ market or out into the woods is up to you), wash up using the soap, prep using the knife, and then enjoy the fruits of your joint labor beautifully-staged on the board.

For The Suave Gentleman

Andreana Bitsis

Want to give your partner a little TLC? Check out our Gentleman Gift Box Set, which comes with Brooklyn Soap Company’s suite of body wash, hair wax, and deodorant. Each product has a crisp, woodsy scent that lasts through the day and is (of course!) made with all natural ingredients that make it safe for sensitive skin. Use the box as an excuse for a stay-at-home spa date and then follow it up with a night out on the town, with your guy looking fresh.

For The Proud Beardsman

Andreana Bitsis

Beards have a whole culture of their own now, and we’ve got just the products to keep your guy’s beard looking sharp. Our Beardsman Box Set comes with Brooklyn Soap Company’s tried-and-true beard accessories: a hand-made classic beard comb, luxurious beard wash, and nourishing beard oil. Each of the products is carefully designed to leave the beard softer, healthier, and in optimal shape using eco-friendly ingredients. We can’t recommend Brooklyn Soap Company’s products enough– the GC staff’s significant others are all big fans!

To see more of Valentine’s Day picks, check out our shop.

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