Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Spring is Here! It’s Time for Baskets and Bikes.

Spring is here, which means its time to start heading back to the Union Square Farmers Market and hopping on Citi Bikes to get to work. Here at GC, we’re firm believers in public transportation, local food, and reusable bags, so these warm spring weekends offer the perfect opportunity for us to combine the things we love.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Our GC Feminist Baskets are one of the prized items in the GC Shop— our all-women staff loves them, and so do strangers who have stopped us to ask about them on the street (it happens all the time). Our baskets function wonderfully as a sturdy vessel in which to carry home veggies on a bike or by foot. We believe in making a statement with what we buy and how we live, and this is our favorite time of year to make bold gesturesĀ in that regard. We hope you do the same. (You can order your own Feminist basket here).

Wishing you a happy Spring from our GC family to yours!


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